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Dear Race Organizers

We are the Asia's answer to the world cycling!
Our team, EQA-MeitanHompo-GraphiteDesign is a Japan based Pro-cycling team,known as the best Asian professional cycling team.
Our ultimate goal as the best team in Asia is to participate in le Tour de France & compete with the best riders in the world.

To realise our ultimate objective,we reside in France permanently with the best riders in Japan/Asia & experienced Europeen races to compete in the best races in Europe.
Consequently, our achievements are remarkable.

We won three Europeen UCI class 1 races & 3 UCI races in Asia:
UCI 2.1
- Tour du Limousin (1 stage & 3rd in the General Classment)
- Paris-Correze (1 stage & General Classment)
UCI 2.2
- Tour de Kumano (1 stage & General Classment)
- Tour de Hokkaido (General Classment)
- Tour de Okinawa (2stages & General Classment)

The notoriety of ours as an uprising Asian cycling symbole in the world cycling scene is thus enormous.
We would be always greatly pleasure to be a part of an international competition event like yours as new wind from Asia.

General Manager of "EQA-MeitanHompo-GraphiteDesign"