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Team's philosophy
Our goal as one of the best Japanese pro-cycling teams is to share the greatness of cycling race with the Japanese people by achieving a big success in the world cycling scene.

We will also make the cycling race be more famous sport in Japan to help any cycling activity and promote "eco-friendly" transport medium=bicycle as well.

Our destination is "Tour de France"

Our ultimate goal as a representative of the Japanese cyclists is to ride and compete in Tour de France,the biggest and the toughest cycling race in the world.
We are 100% sure that recent Japanese top cyclists have ability to make a success in Tour de France. Our team Equipe ASADA aims to be in Tour de France in 2011 by applying to its organizer in 2010.
Thus, our principal competing field is Europe where cycling race is a cultural symbol and the best riders, competitions live.

Our activities policy

1. We act with our "know-how" & "knowledge" gain through cycling race in Europe.
Our connection & network in Europe, our own special training method are the strongest points which will take us to Tour de France.

2. We act "Glocally"
Since cycling race is the most globe-trotting sport,we travel every corner of the world which allows us to communicate with local people deeper to promote ourselves and cycling race.
We consider us as a messengers of cycling race culture!

3. Our team's door is open for everyone
Our door is always open for everyone to show clearly: what our team is doing now? what we have done? what is our next step? to make people track EquipeASADA easily.

4. We are supporter-centric team
Fans, supporters are one of our teammates. As known, Equipe ASADA is sustained by fans & public supporters.We are heading to the ultimates goal Tour de France with them.

5. One for all, all for one
Our team consider a success of one of us is by all, an achievement of all is by each one of us.
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